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Crackerjack Photographic Studios has a New Home

Well its been a bit overdue but its time to spread my wings and get out of the House...so have spent the last couple of months getting my little gallery space fixed up and will be opening the doors next week. Its not quite how I want it yet but is already a comfortable and useable space and I'm looking forward to the Studios's new era....if you are passing and my car is there please drop in for a coffee...I am directly opposite the Mitcham Village Arts Institute and just around the crn from the ED (which had absolutely nothing to do with me picking that spot!!!) Really!

New Studio/Gallery

Two Cuties and a future Champion?

Beautiful new bubs

With the Tour Down Under in full swing it was great to catch up with the O'Grady clan to update the Portraits to include the latest addition to the family! Anne Marie looked amazing and it was fun to have both sets of Grandparents for the shoot as well.... busy processing everything before they head back to Europe for the Racing season...best of luck to Stu for the Tour de France!

The O'Grady's and the Newest Addition

Chelsea's 17th

Wow what a knockout Chelsea is captured the day after her 17th Birthday...in fact she is so stunning its hard to do her justice with the camera! So much of her Mum and Dad here!xx


Summer in the Hills

The Langes and Family

Had 2 big extended Family shoots after Xmas...one which I'm waiting for the OK to publish and this one with 4 groups from one family in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. With an amazing Garden to shoot in and some happy-go-lucky cousins a ball was had by all. Caroline became my first "viewing" customer in my new Gallery/Studio!

So gorgeous

Natasha's Family

What a totally gorgeous family the Chants are...had a fabulous Beach shoot one week before they all headed off to live in Melbourne...made all the easier by the beautiful Princess Ratbag Skirts and Tash's lovely kids!

Princess Ratbag Beach Shoot

Ballet Concert 09

Unfortunately not the official photographer for the Ballet but I did manage to get a few shots at the Dress rehersal...with a new camera and struggling to get the Manual setting working properly I didn't get shots as good as last year...but its always a pleasure and you never know one day I might get the gig!!

Dancing Beauties

Ballet Concert

Xmas Eve or the Eve of Xmas

Couldn't have a visit from the Grattons for Xmas without making the most of the opportunity....and so this beautiful creation came about. With a return to his early work this detailed Art-piece painted on the beautiful Rebecca was a knockout. Luckily didn't cause any accidents as we shot her at Windy Point and outside the Kalyra nursing home (luckily no heart attacks either!) and finished up with her in our pool. Video on Facebook coming soon!

Friends and Family

Pre Chrissy


Just managed to squeeze in this fabulous shoot with Georgie and Family before Christmas which was made easy bt the lovely relaxed way the family were in front of the camera and some very handy Bubbles!

Stella and Eliza

Fantasia Winners

As what quite often happens in this Industry...one thing can lead to another...and with the Famtasia's winning the Crackerjack Shoot at the SABPC it soon became evident that there was a budding model in the family with the European look that the model agencies are hunting for at the moment...next shoot was a model portfolio and what a great job he did!

Fantasia Family

Samuels Portfolio