June 2011

JUN 05

Sneak Peak-Ballet Collections

Had a wonderful Ballet Collections Shoot this week with these two beautiful little ballerinas...a got hugged and squeezed and had a ball capturing these two full of energy little bundles...managed to do a few costume changes and in the end I think I wore them out!!!...so it was off to "This Fine Day" for a coffee and hopefully a quiet night for Mum!

Sneak Peak

Ballet Collections

Midday Shadows

Saturday at the Saxons

Had a fabulous day at the Saxons on Sat shooting the family plus their new additions for the fourth ot fifth time....the first time they had a sitting I think they were a family of 4 and now they are 6 plus a couple of very boisterous puppies....with a bit of persistance we got the shot! 

Got it!

Having Fun