March 2011

MAR 15

Workshop Wednesday

OK ...have Finally decided to Bite the Bullet and invite all you keen snappers into the studio for a morning discussing how to get the Best out of your Digital SLR...this is for all the people who have been asking me if I will do a class over the last year and the first one will be a Back to Basics designed for people who have purchased a great camera but dont understand the best way to use it. I will cover Basic Knowledge (what you should know before picking up the camera), the different settings and what they do, composition, lighting and you should leave with the knowledge to have much more control over your end result and be able to take much better Images

NOTE: This class is not designed for would be pro photographers...anyone serious about becoming a photographer should contact the AAPP or the AIPP or alternatively their are fabulous Tafe courses available

First Class: Wed 9.30-12pm  23rd March 2011 

Investment $130pp

Requirements: Digital SLR

Second Class: Wed 9.30-12pm 31st March - Intermediate Lighting

This class will be a more in depth study of the different types of lighting you can will cover Natural Light, Ambient Light and Flash and we will be shooting using the different techniques

Investment $130

Requirements: Digital SLR

Alternatively if you are interested in a one on one lesson designed for your specific needs please email on 

For more info email me or Ph 0404208102

Had a Go at Bodypainting!

Well...ever since I first came across bodypainting and began photographing it a couple of years ago...I have been under a bit of pressure to give it a go but to do 2 creative things in sucession eg painting and then photographing is pushing the boundaries of doing either job well so having seen a couple of Tim Grattons workshops and with Wendy Fantasia offering an informative beginners course I gave in and spent the day painting the lovely Stacey...and it was loads of fun!....even better when Jason arrived with his camera and it was like a holiday for me!!...I took a couple of shots for myself and am sharing as I would highly recomend giving it a go!

Wendy Fantasia Workshop


White Swan

3 Hours and 4 Looks

Had a bit of a challenge on Thursday with a 3 hour time slot with my favourite model and a loose plan as to how much we could get through in that time....luckily everything went smoothly and we managed to go from the "White Swan" to the "Black Swan" on to a Model with Painting to a Painted model with Painting! some fabulous shots and tried out my new lights which had arrived the day before and hopefully everyone got where they were supposed to be on time!!xx

Black Swan

With Painting


This Fine Day

On Monday had a fabulous fashion shoot for This Fine Day which is the gorgeous little retro gallery/cafe next door to my studio....make sure you "like" their page on facebook to see some of their stunning wares

Busy Xmas

Well Xmas came and went like a flash of light and we are already in the middle of the first term....looks like its going to be another rollercoaster of a year. I'd like to thank all the lovely families I had the pleasure of shooting over the last couple of months...met some great people and shared some wonderful family moments!