Nov 2009

"Android" (Silver-AAPP) Wendy Fantasias Artwork at a Tim Gratton Workshop-Adelaide-09

Latest AAPP Awards

Had our last Print Judging for the year and Xmas Drinks for the AAPP yesterday...Thanks to Luigi and his wife for putting on a delicious BBQ under extreme conditions (very very hot!)

Got 3 more Silvers for "Not Grafitti"-Gratton/King and "The Jeweller" and also for Wendy Fantasias "Android"

These Print judgings are a invaluable learning experience and I would urge any photographer to take part in them. Congrats to Jules, Simone, and all the participating photogs ....such a privilege to be able to view the world through others eyes!

"Jokerman" AIPP_SAPPA Silver

"Not Grafitti" AIPP -SAPPA Silver with Distinction

"The Jeweller" (Silver with Distinction) and "The Art Collector"-(Silver). The Bondi 9.

AIPP SAPPA Awards 2009: South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year 2009 - R/U

Had a very bust Month with a Trip to Sydney and the SAPPAS...I was very fortunate to win 2 Silvers and 2 Silvers with Distinction with my 2 Homeless People, for "Themis"- a Gratton-King "Collaboration" and "The boys in the Pub".Was quite pleased to actually have something to enter after my computer crashed the week before the dealine! Luckily they were all already printed but only got the digital files done on the day they were due in!

Was also lucky to score high enough to get South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year R/U 2009....and Congrats to Mel Numan who won it