Portrait Perfection Actions by Sleekens

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try out Sleekens Portrait Perfection Actions. I chose to use the Photoshop set because I usually do my 2nd edit in PS particularly on any close up portraits.

They are also available for Lightroom.

I had a play around and quickly identified a couple of hot favorite and very useful actions.

In particular the Light Glow - Sunny, The Vintage Vignette, and Summer Love. Also because I shoot outdoors a lot the Reduce Greens action is particularly useful.

The From a Candy Store Paint effect is gorgeous and the Advanced Portrait is another action that will get plenty of use!

There are a large amount of Actions in this workflow but it doesn't take long to become familiar with them and I managed easily even before watching the comprehensive video workflow that comes with them.

I think they will be extremely useful to use in my studio production and will cut down the editing time dramatically. I would highly recommend them to other portrait photographers

Here are a couple of examples of a 5 minute edit...

To access these actions please go to the links below.

Sleekens also offer a photo editing service if you don't have time to do it yourself...