Branding your website ... a morning with Jacque

What a lovely day Tuesday was with a visit from Jacque Opie from Inspire Training Solutions to shoot the images for her exciting new venture and website. The instructions were...I need my photos to be feminine, sensual but grungy so I'd like interesting urban locations and images that fit my personality and brand. 

Needless to say ...we had a lot of fun...! My studio has a glamorous front studio but I have left the back studio as rustic and industrial as possible so we didn't have to go too far.

Jacque  is looking amazing after a weeks break in Bali, and she has great taste in clothing so we were able to get a good variety of looks.

We have chosen 30 images which she will be able to feed through to social media and her new website so I can't wait to see it all happen

As always anyone who is up for it ends up getting dipped in the creek the event that I can create an art piece later on she went off to her meeting a little wet and a wee bit dirty!

x L