Day 1 ... Starts with getting to know where you are at personally at with your photography. The workshop is suitable for any photographic skill level but you will need a basic knowledge of photoshop.

We will start in the studio with the model and makeup artist and while the base is being put on we will plan out our costuming and a couple of different styles. 

Once the final touches have been added to the model we will head to the location and scout around for the best spots to shoot in...discuss lighting and composition, and how we will style the model with the environment (you are welcome to bring your own props, clothing and model)  .We will also discuss photographic etiquette and how the industry works.

With the May workshop all shooting of the model will take place before lunch to make the most of the best light ....first I will spend an hour demonstrating what I would do .  You are welcome to shoot this also but will only be allowed to use these for your portfolios under my workshop name. I will explain throughout this what I'm doing and why but basically I'll just shoot as I would normally. After this I will then guide you through your ideas and the best way to shoot them.

Lunch break will be at 12.15 at a local cafe for an hour (included)

1.15 We will explore other areas with your models or use each other in some alternative locations making the most of the area and some of the simplest backdrops -  

 I will come around and assist you with this and help you with posing and lighting. 

This is where you can take the opportunity to start to create your Artwork.

We will head back to the studio and upload the files so that we are ready for the morning. 

3pm finish (but can go later if necessary)   

When you get home upload to your computer and save the files onto your USB (provided) in Raw + Jpeg format. 

DAY 2 Processing

10am start....File processing

For the first 2 hours I will process my work as I normally would and you can see what techniques I use and why. Each step will be explained in detail but I will be keeping it fairly simple to cover all photoshop levels.  

I will show you how I conceptualize the images I have created from the day before and what can be done with them. 

We will have a short break for lunch and then after lunch we will individually work on your images. If you have your own laptops with PS then bring them but if not we will use my computer to process them. I will be hands on help for this part of the workshop and it will be held in either my studio (Adelaide) or in a similiar room elsewhere.

Once finished your work can be saved onto your USB and uploaded for printing to a prolab.  (included)

We will also discuss printing techniques and which paper your image will look best on. Workshop will include a pearl matt print but you can upgrade to a different art paper if you like.