School Photo Information

Tues March 6th and Wed March 7th

We are very much looking forward to photographing Mitcham Primary School in 2018

and our aim is to bring a more relaxed and natural approach to your school portraits this year.

The individual  portraits will be photographed in the school grounds as will the class photos (weather permitting)

The sports / extra curricular photos will be taken later in the year

Envelopes must be returned by Feb 27th .... Online payments before Thurs 1st March

IMPORTANT: If you order ONLINE you DO NOT need an ENVELOPE

You will need to fill out an order for EACH CHILD you have at school


 Step 1)  Choose your pack

 Step 2)  Select from drop down menu

 Step 3)  Click PURCHASE

 Step 4)  Fill out the permission form

 Step 5)  Buy



You can use the envelope which can be picked up from the school office

If you would like a sibling photo please add it to your ELDEST CHILD'S form or envelope only and only pay once.

Then order the younger children's photos as normal.

If you have any questions you can contact us on




If children are away or sick on photo day we will return for a catchup.

You will be able to either order the class photo or another 20x25 individual in its place

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