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Wondering what our Glamour shoots are all about and didn't make it to our Champagne Launch?...well these shoots are all about You...your beauty and femininity and a celebration of who you are. Over the years I have enjoyed doing makeover type shoots and have also had a couple done myself and last year I heard some things that struck a chord with me and made me decide to embrace and offer this product...because as wives/partners, mothers, young women or grandmothers its really important to have something beautiful to remind us of who we really are...something that is specially for us and that makes us feel good to help us get through our busy lives...something that will last a lifetime and something so precious that if it gets found in an attic in 100 years time it will be viewed with wonder and admiration.

Most of you have already taken the time and commissioned Family Portraits which have documented your family and created the most precious memories...My mother has a beautiful classic portrait of herself in her 20's as have most of her friends...their generation understood the value of good photography and we need to make sure we don't lose the art along with disposable digital technology of today...As women, life races past at enormous speed...sometimes its important to step off the rollercoaster and feed our souls...there are lots of ways of doing that and some of them we take time to do....we go to the gym, yoga, go to the beauty therapist and hairdresser...but I passionately believe we really need to have something to be able to appreciate the end result of all that work...and this is what "She" is about...its a reward for all the things we do for our loved ones...its is a gift to yourself...and one day it will be as meaningful to your daughters as it is to you.

The Glamour and Beauty shoots take place in studio with most people prefering to get their makeup done at Mac or Inglot prior to arriving need 3 changes of clothes and a relaxed attitude and the rest is up to us...posing, lighting and capturing your beauty are our jobs and not for you to be worried about...the shoots are relaxed and fun and nowhere near as glamourous as the results will be...we want you to leave feeling like you’ve had a morning with friends enjoying yourself...

It is never too early or too late to treat yourself or a friend or loved one to a Beauty Shoot...Gift Vouchers are available and you have the choice of "A La Carte" prints or one of our Exquisite Packages once you see your images...we also welcome you to come in for a pre-shoot consult to be able to fashion the shoot to your requirements...if you would like to know more please give me a call on 0404208102...I am presently taking bookings for 2016x L