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Photography is my passion...I hardly remember a time when I haven't had a camera in my hand and the drive to document, make art and share what I do is a force that I have very little control over. I find people incredibly interesting whether they are a child or a grandparent a model or a bodypainted creature and I love to hear, document and illustrate their story.

My job is to observe, create and find the beauty in any given situation and to draw out the best from you and your loved ones.  

I have been lucky to have been awarded "AAPP Epson Australian Photographer of the Year 2010 and 2011" and won AIPP SA Portrait Photographer of the year (2011 & 2013). In 2014 I was thrilled to win AIPP Contemporary Photographic Artist of the Year and I will continue to push myself to create the most amazing images I can in the future! Even though I'm not naturally competitive, awards help you compete against yourself and push the limits.

I have been a professional photographer for 20 years now starting up Crackerjack Photographic Studios in 1994 in Adelaide and was a keen amateur in the years leading up to turning pro. Every shoot has been an adventure....I always expect the unexpected and love having to think creatively on my feet. I started my career working with children and families and have a very strong customer base in portrait photography. In recent years I have moved into conceptual photography and now that I have my own gallery its opened new doors as far as exhibiting both my art and other local talent as well.

I enjoy commercial photography also particularly around my local area

I photograph local schools and kindy's with the aim of bringing back quality professional portraits that families would be proud to hang on their walls. My team are all AIPP accredited photographers

My background is in Visual Arts and I studied for my degree at Auckland University. On graduating I travelled extensively around the world living in Amsterdam and Britain for most of the 90's. The biggest influence artistically was my first trip to Kenya, while studying anthropology, in the early 80's. I collected a lot of tribal art and it has influenced my style in photography and painting (which I do in my spare time). In another lifetime I would have been a wildlife photographer! I was awarded my AIPP Master of Photography in 2016

I paint in my spare time and exhibit annually for Sala...its something I will continue to explore in the future.

 Regardless of the medium my aim is to create a unique piece of fine artwork for you to enjoy and benefit from for many years to come

I forward to working with you and yours...

Leanne King BA MPhotogL