All Crackerjack shoots are at the location of your choice. This can be at the studio, or at your home however the favourite family beach or picnic spot makes the whole experience a lot of fun! If the location is not far from your home I can take a few shots at home before heading off to the beach or park where the kids are likely to get dirty ... but more often I just meet you at the chosen location and off we go!

For Babies and under two's studio or home is the best place to be as there is minimal fuss for the family and happy relaxed babies take the best photos!...and there is always a change of clothes if needed. For children over 3 I have a couple of preferred locations locally where the lighting is great and the children have a great time and forget they are being photographed very quickly! Its always a good idea to have an extra tshirt just in case. Allow about 1 hour for your sitting. Plain clothes in natural fibres eg Cotton and Denim photograph best. Its best to avoid logo's and patterns however stripes can look great! Navy blue, grey and white all photograph well. Don't worry about posing the kids or making them smile they are usually happiest showing me their favorite toys or something that they have just found and its the small expressions that make the best images! Let them get wet...Roll up your jeans and get wet yourself ....and hopefully I'll hear "that wasn't like getting your photograph taken... that was loads of FUN!".