Crackerjack is an Art based studio specialising in Photography. Because Leanne is also an artist she understands the needs of the Art community and has expanded her services to incorporate these. Photographing your Artwork allows you to market and sell it in numerous ways and also build a beautiful portfolio of your work before it sells.

It allows you to release Limited Edition Prints.

It also increases the value of the original painting.

The following photographic services are available to the Arts community.

Photographing Artwork (must be unframed) Studio only

$50 per web copy (usage for websites) 

$100 for a high res file for printing a copy for personal use or in a brochure or advertising (includes web copy)

$200 High res and low res and copyright

.This means that the image may be reproduced and onsold as Prints or Cards. Note: the file will not be held by Crackerjack unless requested. 

For 5 or more there will be a 10% discount

For 10 there will be a 20% discount. 

Location shoot (for large work that is hard to transport) add $150 to total

For small runs this can be a while you wait service...please bring a USB

Printing service available for small print runs. 


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