Crackerjack Studios has been photographing Kindy's for over 12 years specialising in natural light outdoor portraits and more recently has found an increasing number of schools interested in something similiar for their pupils. Last year we decided to officially offer this organic approach to schools with each school customised to meet its own requirements.

Both Individual portraits and Group shots are captured in the school grounds and we are also geared up to photograph the group shots indoors if need be.

The feedback has been fabulous and by 2020 we will have reached our capacity so if its something you would like to see happen at your school or you are a teacher who likes the sound of this then please contact the studio on 0404208102 to arrange for a consultation.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and you can also have the option of running photo day as a fundraiser

The photos are printed locally at a professional lab.

Our focus is on the product rather than the packaging but are they are beautifully presented.

We believe that parents would rather spend an extra $5 and get a lovely portrait than waste money on a generic print

Please let us know if this sounds like something you would like to see happen at your school

Looking forward to chatting with you

In the quiet times in between our schools and kindys we offer special family portrait shoots…

Our current special ‘Winter wonder’ photoshoots are running July and August when the light beautiful so grab your gumboots and CLICK HERE

We believe that all families should have a professional photo session at least once.

It is a proven fact that having family portraits displayed on the walls of your home helps children identify who they are and where they are from.

The sense of family they develop as a result is something that stays with them for life....

Book your family shoot HERE and then call 0404208102 to book your time.

It'll be one of the best things you've done and will provide lasting love and satisfaction for many years to come x L