Well I have called this post 'Perfect' because I don't believe I have ever used that word so much in one week in my life ever before.....it all started a couple of weeks ago when I was doing the loop....that is, driving between Mitcham Village, Egmont St Hawthorn, down Grange rd, through Col Light Gardens to the Strand looking for the right place for the studio. With Sally (This Fine Day) at Mitcham Village and Kelly (Nest) settled in their spots, I was racking my brains until I drove past David Andersons old surgery on Egmont Tce and noticed that there was an unused shop window in the little group of shops....so I rang the agent and she told me that the hairdresser was leasing it. This perked my interest up so I stopped there and asked if they would consider subleasing it to me....as it turned out Marguerite from Mosaic Hair and I had several mutual friends and both of us thought that each others businesses would totally compliment each other and we have decided to work together ......and two weeks later after a manic makeover week the studio half is nearly ready.....and the hair part will hopefully be ready soon too... on Wed we squeezed in Adelaide musician Tori Horgan;s album shoot (which I will share once she has seen her images) .....the most amazing thing has been how every last detail has just slipped into place with little or no stress....everything I bought fitted in the spot....we can share our areas for hair makeup and photography if needed....everything just matches... Warren, my husband and Tony Daly and Marguerites husband Graeme spent two and a half days tirelessly painting and putting up everything that we needed.... and I got a second hand backdrop system from a photographer that I have never heard of in the next suburb in exactly the colours I wanted....I bought a fabulous bench off ebay and some very cool tim storage containers in the right colour at the same time....and found a white chandelier in stock and in Norwood at Outdoors on Parade. Needless to say I have had copious amounts of coffee and salads from our very popular neighbours at The Pantry on Egmont...and Marguerite has been absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend visiting Mosaic Hair particularly if you need a colour and cut....she is amazing....so I am starting to really understand that sometimes when 'shit' happens it really is for a reason and that you just have to trust that the people up there who are looking after you really are doing just that....and that when unwelcome change is enforced upon you that it is really making way for something better....I absolutely LOVE this space....it is perfect for the way I like to shoot with natural light and I just can't wait to get stuck into the interesting things that this year is sure to bring.....Marguerite and I would love to see all of you if you are visiting Egmont....and here are a few photos to show you what I've been raving about and will share the Mosiac part once it is finished x L ......'perfect'