Oct 2011


This year because we had a 18th, 21st and a 50th birthday during the busiest time of the year (June July Aug) we decided to take the opportunity to travel back to Europe and Britain where we used to live for a long overdue holiday in Sept/Oct....we all had our wish list of places to explore and we have taken the opportunity to visit these places....2 weeks of relaxing in Italy (my wish list!), 2 weeks in France and then England (where my eldest son was born 21 years ago) and Amsterdam where I used to live. All these places have had a huge impact on our lives and have influenced what we do and who we are today and being able to share those experiences with our children has been fantastic. At present I am updating the blog from London and am just getting into gear for a portfolio shoot at Londons Tower bridge tommorrow....not that I haven't been shooting for the whole trip (actually an average of 80 images per day).....but that is because I know Im making memories that my kids will be able to enjoy for their whole lifetime even if they don't appreciate them now !! and that will later define their memories of this trip....so Im going to sign off now and go and explore some more of this amazing world we live in....Ciao !!

The Last Few Months

Well am currently doing a quick update from our London hotel room on the bank of the Thames and need to compress a lot of really Momentus events that happened in the leadup to this European trip....had a lot of things to organise pre-trip hence the lack of posts.

Firstly the end of July was a hugely exciting time with the last AAPP Australian Professional Photography Awards prior to South Australia merging with the AIPP in Fremantle in Perth. I was extremely fortunate to win SA Portrait, SA Open and overall SA Portrait Photographer of the year 2011 and then take out Australian Portrait, Australian Open and overall AAPP Australian Professional Photographer of the year 2011 for the second year running. To top it all off Simone Hanckel, Meg Hanson and I all achieved our AAPP Master of Photography which took almost 3 years of constant work to get which was just fabulous and we go into the AIPP with renewed energy to keep working on lifting the profile of Professional Photography with an even larger team of dedicated Professionals. It was also an honour to have Yervant and Tony Hewitt judging and to be awarded 10 Golds not to mention the 2 day Seminar by Yervant and Anie that preceeded the Awards. Other than that a far too good time was had by all!!!

This was all followed by the annual SALA festival the opening being the day after returning from Perth....This year the studio presented "Wild Earth" with artist Sally Hayne and guest artists, including Adele du Barry in conjunction with "This Fine Day" the Art Cafe next door....We had a fabulous opening and was great to be able to present a lot of the images that were awarded GOLD's in Perth...the inspiation for my part of the exhibition was the disastrous events of 2011 and the effect they are having on our youth! 

September started with a sadder time when one of my good friends and client lost her Dad (who incidently was one of my Gold award models) ....we knew it was coming but it was very sad all the same. Love to Wendy and her family. 

The day before we also lost our Landlady Mary Carrallis.....Mary had been battling cancer for over 10 years and she was the guiding force to me opening the studio in Mitcham...her resolve to live each day to the fullest and her drive to keep being a business womam right to the end was inspirational to say the least....I think having a Photographic Studio and a beautiful Art Cafe and bring our little corner back to life helped her keep going as well....we will miss her and hopefully I will be able to keep my studio where it is but that will depend on whoever buys the building now!

Both of their funerals were on the same day and it was a Peaceful day spent in Churches....first a magnicent Greek Orthdox and then a Country Church with everyone from the rural communuty for miles around attending.

A flurry of Shoots filled up the next 2 weeks in preparation for being away for the second half of Sept and Oct and had some Fabulous shoots with totally gorgeous clients....I will post pics from these when I get home and also the annual week of shooting at Jesse Brown Kindy....particularly lovely is seeing the funds raised by the Kindy shoot being put to good use...Last year Jacki bought a minature leather lounge suite for the Kindy called the Crackerjack Corner and this years started up a Eco Vegetable Garden which was finished before I left for Europe