Awards (SAPPA) Why Where How

One of the things I have been doing for the last few years is entering the Australian Professional Photography Awards. Its a lot of time and expense but it is the best learning tool you can give to yourself to enter and get critiqued by your peers. The process starts with the state awards in this case SAPPA which is being held at the beginning of July at the Norwood Hotel. It is run by the AIPP (SA division) and you don't have to be a member to enter but you can't take out a major prize unless you are a member....if you are thinking about entering come along and have a look ...its open to the public.

This year it has moved to July which is fantastic for people like me who exhibit for SALA in August as the new Contempory Art Category is designed for exhibiting and the timing will also make it easier to pick our 4 best images to enter into the National Awards (APPA) which is in September. 

The new category has also made it easier to shoot to exhibit which is what I have spent a the last 2 weekends doing....and with anything arty it is really interesting how one small idea can lead to a theme and on to a series which can spark another series. These last couple of weeks have shown me the importance of taking the time to shoot creatively for yourself and its something I will work into my timetable for the rest of the year.

This August I'll be presenting In My Room - Elements and I have now finished the series.

I would like to thank Lauren and Hannah, Amelia and Dani, Taylor and Tussa for being dunked, dipped, rained on, and being very good sports through the whole process. 

I'll keep them under wraps until after the awards and I am now doing a call out for any young models (actually the parents) who would be interested in being part of the next series. Im looking for children under 12 with long hair whose parents are happy for their children to be part of an illustrative work which will be exhibited.

Huge thanks to Alison Leviton who let me borrow Emily and Isobel who images have developed into the next series. 

Im also still working on a series of studies documenting the anti-'She' shoot and this will be an ongoing body of work ....huge thankyou to Helen and Sandra who have modelled for this (sense of humour is more than necessary for this one) and it won't be pretty so be forewarned.

So in conclusion....take the risk and do your won't regret it and who knows where it will lead.  

If you are not on my customer list and would like a ticket to the 'Elements' opening night please fill out a contact form on the website and I will make sure you get an invite

x L