Shooting in NZ...beautiful Brooke

Well NZ was fabulous and I packed a lot into one week...I felt like I was returning to my roots and all I wanted to do was run around on the grass barefoot!...I also wanted to capture the essence of my home town and make some artwork with the things I have long held memories has been 5 or 6 years since my last trip and that is way too long. I'd like to be able to regularly photograph Portraits in NZ so that its not so long until the next time.

On my second day there I stumbled upon Brooke and she was up for the challenge of an all weather shoot and as usual the weather pulled out everything it had. All of my Elements and Rhymes Shoots have been shot in the rain but this one was a howling gale!...Brooke was fantastic, dead keen and put up with the real Elements like a trooper....she also did an amazing job of modelling and has probably been patiently waiting for me to edit some. I've waited until I can give them my full attention at the studio and have spent the last few days at work having a lot of here are a couple that have been picked out....hope you enjoy the distinct NZ flavour :)