A Beautiful day for the Beach

When Jane contacted me to organise a family photo session at the Beach and we picked our date and time I had no idea how lucky we actually were....beach sessions are the most free and relaxed of all the location sittings because thats what the beach is all about...we spent a delightful morning romping around under the jetty at Grange and I think I had as good a time as they did with 3 delightful children and a happy relaxed Mum and Dad. The day has been documented in a beautiful coffee table book and a set of gorgeous black and white framed prints for the wall. I know how treasured these will be in years to come as I look back on the ones I have when my children were around the same age at the beach and wish I could go back there just for a visit...those young years are busy ones and they fly past so quickly.

I say we were lucky because following this shoot the weather in Adelaide went off the scale and I still have shoots to do which had to be posponed because of high temperatures....I think we broke all records in SA for the hottest summer ever! Here are a few that I'd like to share :)