An Invitation to Create

This time last year I was sitting on a day like today trying to be still. A lot of things were happening in my world, some good, some learning related and I was desperately trying to find some award inspiration amongst all the chaos. Sometimes I think that having a creative job can also be a huge help when you have problems and sometimes launching into a new project can have a buffering effect that protects you from reality. But for whatever the reason I decided to focus on my personal photography to get me through this particular patch. Without thinking too much I contacted the girls who I had in mind for this project and with very little preparation headed down to my favorite spot to see where and how the day would develop.

It turned out to be a timely distraction. 

I am of the opinion and some people would differ on this one, that creativity is not something that comes from you or your consious mind....rather it comes through you and its up to you to listen and take notice, and act on it. 

I shot all the ideas that I had planned out and it wasn't until the model offered to get in the water, which was freezing, that I really got excited. I had mentioned it to her as a possibility but realistically it was really just too cold to do it at the location. Lauren, however, is tough and insisted.

The second my shutter clicked I knew that it was a game changer.

That instant all the uncertainty disappeared and I could clearly see the direction to go in.

I knew exactly what I was going to do with the shot and what it was going to look like.

She was in the water for about 2 minutes and I only took about 5 frames.

When I got back to the studio and uploaded them it confirmed exactly what I had thought and I quickly put pen to paper and wrote out the basis of 'In My Room' - Elements

I needed to develop a set for the Contemporary Art Prize at SAPPA and also for my SALA exhibition in August.

By the following weekend the whole series featuring 6 girls/elements was completed with each shoot taking less that 20 mins each.

The original image 'Element Water' has had a pretty amazing year and I am grateful for the journey she has taken me on...

Gold award in SAPPA

Silver Dist award in APPA

Part of a group exhibition with 'See Me' in New York where she was beamed onto a sky scraper.

Part of a group exhibition in Paris with See Me

Exhibited for SALA in Adelaide

Exhibited at Waverley House Gallery/Cafe in Adelaide

and exhibited as a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize at Adelaide Convention Centre

I knew following that click it would be a game changer but I had no idea to what extent or what doors it would open up.

This year I would like to share that experience with you.

I have decided to hold my Fine Art Workshop during the exact time I was so inspired last year and I invite you to come along and develop your own creativity in the place that has personally richly rewarded me.

This is a workshop where I will show you what I do and then help you realise your own ideas so its suitable for all forms of creative art. The idea is to develop the concept through to the finished print. Due to the intensive nature the numbers will be kept to a minimum so if you are interested please go to the 'workshop' tab and have a more thorough read.


Who knows where it may lead....

x L