Your support will be greatly appreciated!

I'm writing this post because of the general mood I am sensing on the internet....because of the talented people we have already lost this year in the photographic industry and for the talents we may well lose next year... 

Our industry is in danger of being lost....along with a lot of precious memories yet to be created....still to be realised and forever cherished. We all know new technology is great and we all embrace it, but the cost is sometimes greater than the gain.  We know that people's expectation of visual media has dropped due to the bombardment of easy 'camera' access but whats going to happen when theres no one left producing high quality work?

The mainstays of the industry have already shut shop....Pixie Photo, Studios 2000, Roll on In, even Kodak. This, you would think, would be good for the boutique photographers because it means all the more work for us?. The simple answer to that is... NO.

We don't do the in your face marketing that reminds you to have yourselves and your families documented and we aren't hard sell advertisers. You are not likely to get a cold call from us offering you a free shoot. The problem that they have gone...there is no one reminding you to go and get those photos taken. 

But there is a solution..... 

Pick up the phone or get onto your email and book your favourite photographer now rather than waiting until Dec 1st when its them for next year for a family portrait...and prioritise the date...!

Our industry needs support now like it never has before just like the local farmers and the local stores. 

It will no doubt see many more changes over the next few years but if you like what you are seeing now then make those calls....before it becomes a priority for all the wrong reasons.

Your family will thank you, they will bind you together and you will have beautiful classic photos reflecting who you are as a unit.

Make sure you print and keep those iphone pics too or you'll never have the memories of the bad haircuts and dodgy fashions to laugh about later.

x Leanne

PS I am about to follow my own advice ...