Adelaide Underground the Exhibition

Adelaide Underground - the Exhibition, is on now at the Gallery. We had a fabulous opening night on Friday evening and plenty of people visiting on Saturday. One of our visitors said he thought it was the best exhibition he had ever been to which was quite a rap!. So without further ado I'd like to introduce the artists...

Gee Greenslade is very well known in the photographic industry mainly because of her incredible conceptual artwork but also for the awards that she has won with it. She is the current SA Creative Photographer of the year 2013 and was runner up in the Fine-Art category at national level last year in Melbourne. Her pieces are large, edgy, detailed masterpieces that I would love to see in a Corporate boardroom...getting everyone thinking out of the box could be quite a benefit just for starters...they are the kind of artwork that every time you look at them you find something new to wonder about.

Harmony Nicholas is also well known in the Industry in more of an iconic sense. Her artwork which she has been prolific for many years has a style and perfection that is only hers....she is nationally and internationally acclaimed and has been published on numerous occasions. I would strongly advise anyone in Adelaide to purchase one of her Artworks because it is going to be one of the best investments ever made and the value is certain to rise. She is already a star with a mind blowing body of work...I look forward to watching her shine.

Matt James is an emerging photographic artist and was recommended to me by Gee as being someone highly talented to watch. His work consists of a cohesive series of self-portraits and this is the first time he has exhibited....there is a great opportunity here to get in at ground level with an emerging talent...he is going to be going places for sure...his work is sensitive and poignant and is a must see.

I also have some of my conceptual work in the exhibition to fill in the gaps but the reason I decided to put on this exhibition is because we have such a wealth of talent here in SA that hasn't yet been discovered and I think its about time it was. There are only a handful of photographic artists exhibiting nationally and internationally. Being digital by nature it is rare that these works find their way off computer screens and onto gallery walls which is ironic because digital artists are the people who know better than anyone else how to make something large scale look amazing!

These artists hang beautifully as a cohesive group....come in and see it

Showing at Crackerjack Gallery 89a Goodwood rd Open Wed, Thurs, Frid and Sat 10-3pm. Watch facebook for updates on any late nights.