A wedding with a difference - 2nd April, 2016 - Peter and Elise

A fortnight ago I had the enormous pleasure of photographing the wedding of Elise and Peter at Middlebrook Estate in McLaren Vale. This was always going to be a wedding with a difference because the bride and groom met and fell in love through their mutual love of sic fi and star wars.

So on the surface it all went along like a regular wedding with all the prettiness, tradition and the gathering of family and friends but there was an intergalatic theme running just below the surface which became very apparent as the wedding vows were read.

It started with the wedding car or rather a 'Voyager' which ran a little late as according to tradition. Then the wows went according to the theme and had everyone in fits of laughter, and a few tears, including the lovely celebrant who embraced it beautifully and then we had a full range of props to play with once the formals were done!

The father of the bride had the room in fits of laughter as he read part of his speech in 'Ewokese' which would not have been an easy task, but was executed perfectly

Each table had a different sic fi themed bowl with the associated super heroes in them and the dance floor turned into the starship enterprise as the night wore on!

The crowning glory was however the most exquisite layered 'Cheesecake' with Benjy mouse and Frankie mouse sitting proudly on top being way more than 'white furry things with a cheese fixation' (quote Slartibartfast) 

It was a fabulous celebration and here is a sneak peak of some of the images captured on the day :)


Many thanks to Deb Saunders Photography for shooting with me :)

'May the force be with you'